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Maple Lane is the central Upper Peninsula’s oldest continually operating archery center, having opened our archery pro shop with outdoor 3-D range in 1992.  We are factory authorized dealers for Mathews (since 1995), and Mission (by Mathews) compound bows, along with Parker and Horton crossbows.  (We can get any other brand or model of crossbow, by special order, at a competitive price).  We carry archery accessories by many of the major manufacturers such as Cobra, NAP, Limb Saver, Bohning, Scott, Axion, Rage, G5, QAD. Muzzy, HHA,  Mathews, and many more.  If we don’t have it, we will order it at no extra charge.

We service any make or model of compound bow or crossbows.  We carry (or can order) strings and cables for all bows and crossbows.  Our bow tune-ups or new setups include PAPER-TUNING, which is vital for good arrow flight.  If you are in the market for new arrows, we will custom fit and fletch the proper arrows for your set-up.  We carry Gold Tip arrows which we will wrap and fletch anyway the customer wants.  We will order any other arrows per request.

If you are in the market for a new bow, we can fit you with any of the Mathews or Mission lines of bows for any size draw length or draw weight.  The new Mission Craze or Riot bows will fit practically anyone with adjustable draw lengths from 19-30 inches, and adjustable draw weights from 15-70+ pounds.  Great bows to grow with, the most adjustable on the market.

After getting properly set-up, it’s now time to sight in and practice.  Get started with our indoor shooting lane, and then go to our fixed outdoor range with target stakes out to 50 yards.  After developing your skills, or for the seasoned hunter, you can go to our 25 target 3-D range.  Our range consists of life size animal targets from javalina to deer to bear to elk.  The range is over a mile walk, with all targets in natural settings.  The range is open  June  and July Mon-Sat 10 am-6 pm, Aug and Sept, 7 days a week.